One of those days…

25 May

Ever-nagging Voice in My Head: So, what did you do today?

Me: Well, you old fun-killer, I was going start packing, but instead I slept in and snuggled until 10 a.m. with Bug. I like to think of it as future Saturday morning training. Then we got dressed, we had a great lunch date, and I took him to daycare. I thought about going to see a matinée movie by myself, which is one of my favorite things to do with an afternoon. I order popcorn with way too much butter and see whatever the hell I feel like seeing without having to take someone else’s opinion in to consideration or hear about what they thought of the movie afterwards. It’s lovely. But I went and got myself some Starbucks to kill the time and ended up reading articles on Autostraddle, and then I missed my movie time. So I decided I would just lay in bed, drink coffee, listen to my 70s rock channel on my Pandora, and enjoy the cool breeze wafting in my windows while I surf the Interwebs for whatever catches my fancy. For example, I just won this kick-ass vintage “Members Only” jacket on eBay. Oh, and I might update my blog if I’m feeling particularly motivated. And catch up on some Netflix.

Yes, it’s a rough, rough life. And I’m enjoying my break, dammit.


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