WTF Friday: Bilingual Edition

27 Aug

This is going to be a new Friday regular short-post! (Edited: ha! we’ll see about that after all.) Funny, sad, weird, or just plain crazy… we all have those “WTF” moments that we wish we could share with someone.  Fortunately (or not?), the rural Midwest town where I currently reside is bursting at the seams with the opportunity to marvel at the oddities of life.  So, I decided I would start sharing them here.  Of course, this will generally mean that I am going to be taking random pictures of random things and people.  But it can’t be any worse than that People of Wal-Mart freak show of a website.

Today’s feature is brought to you by the United States Postal Service.  When I originally saw this, I thought it was some not-so-subtle reference to let the Latino patrons of our lovely small-town post office know that, should they be thinking about robbing the place, all money is secured.  In fact, for the three years that I have been living here,  I have marveled at the insinuation every time I visit the post office lobby.  But, much to my dismay, it turns out “Dinero Seguro” means they participate in a program run by the post office, whereby people can wire money to their families instead of mailing fat envelopes of cash home.  Go remittance!

I’m posting it anyway, because it’s still funny, at first glance.


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