In Light of Recent Darkness

22 May

For reasons I’ll refrain from elaborating on, I am compelled to mark the resurgence of my participation in the blogosphere with an entry to explain where I’ve been, and why I’m back.  Or at least acknowledge that such an absence has occurred.

Either way, I can’t just start writing again like it hasn’t been eight-plus months.  Obviously a lot has gone on in that time.  Some of which I’ll catch up on – in passing or directly – some of which is still a work in progress, and some of which is just plain done and gone.

Topics may be a bit dark, nerves may be a little raw, and posts may not be as loquaciously insightful as usual.  The style and look may morph. Old posts might disappear or change.  New people will be linked and/or joining us.

At the risk of going on and on about only tangentially related topics without saying much (I’m still percolating other entries), thanks for still being here.  In the words of one of my fave blogs: Thanks for stopping by.  I mean it.  Really.


3 Responses to “In Light of Recent Darkness”

  1. Jenni 30 May 2010 at 22:17 #

    I am looking forward to reading more- you always entertain 😉

    • quixoticchaotic 4 June 2010 at 20:37 #

      I ❤ you. 🙂 Thanks for the love.

    • quixoticchaotic 5 June 2010 at 00:24 #

      BTW, I figured out later that you are the lucky winner of the 100th Comment on My Blog award! It’s only appropriate that such an honor go to one of (if not THE) most faithful commenter of my (multiple) blog meanderings! 😉 Thanks again!

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