27 Mar

What a week. This blog is partly an apology to all the people I’ve been neglecting the past 7 days. And partly a catch-up/vent session to bring some closure to my otherwise roller-coaster week.

Most of you know, I started my new job on Wednesday. So far, so good. Love the new company, love my new boss, co-workers are average… but the work is going to be challenging and demanding and perfect for me. So that was an up.

The down of the week was the insanity with Agent-008. I will spare you the gory details. Those who need to know, know. Suffice it to say… just when you think you have slayed the beast, you find out that the beast is Hydra and every time you chop off a head, one grows back just as quickly.

The weather sucked all week. Not enough motorcycle riding at all. I’m sick of Tyson tracking dirt and mud in the house. I’m sick of clouds. Sick of my car being cold. Sick of waking up in the morning and not knowing what time it is because it’s the same color outside all damn day.

This week will be interesting. I have an appointment tomorrow for my EGD consultation. Eek. See how it goes. I’m tired of being nauseated and pukey all the time. So as strange as it sounds, I’m looking forward to just scheduling the appointment for them to knock me out and stick a camera down my throat. Oh, and I’m taking volunteers for a ride home from the hospital that day. Don’t think they’ll be letting me drive home that day.

In other news… scheduling my tat appointment this week. Finally. I’ve only had the deposit and the work in since, like, November. Life happens. I wanted people to go with me to the appointment, but now I’m thinking of it more as a time to focus and think. That probably sounds weird… but there is something spiritual to me about the ritual of getting pierced and tattooed. That’s a topic for another blog… one I can elaborate on after I get it done and I’ve had time to sit there for three hours thinking about it.

Another disappointing thing this week: no more broccoli and cheese baked potato topped with a chili from Wendy’s for me. 😦

Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh… Pity party over. Go home.


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