18 Mar

So, I went to a concert last night at Wolftrap.

First of all, it’s pathetic that I have lived here for 4.5 years and never been to Wolftrap for anything. Second, it made me remember how much I love music. Having a stressful day today is what makes me want to think about it again.  I love that music can take me away to someplace beyond my current state of mind.

Anyway… I digress: the concert was Eliane Elias, a Brazilian-born jazz pianist. It was fabulous. She was so much fun to watch and the musicians accompanying her were amazing. I sat there with goose-bumps through at least three-quarters of the concert. It made me miss the kind of enjoyment of music that only comes with being in the music and playing. I’m totally inspired to start playing and singing again, so we shall see.


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